5 Ways To Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate On Your Website In 2018

Whenever it will come to running a successful website you should always be looking for a data of the whole website. A much and a very important factor than a lot of the website owners, developers and the marketers is that they will overlook into their websites bounce rates. In case if you have a high amount of bounce rate then most likely there is a cause for that such as your website will be slow in speed and it will also have a bad navigation, warnings, HTTPS mixed-content, unusable on the mobile device etc which were also causing and visitors will also leave your websites within the 3-5 seconds. You can know about prepaidgiftbalance.

By lowering of this number will generally mean that your website is much better for the optimization of the quality of traffic and the conversions.

What Is Bounce Rate?

Let me tell you that Bounce rate is the percentage of the visitors who will visit your site and decide to leave your website before viewing it and go back to your website within 3-5 seconds. There are also a lot of the reasons why the visitors will leave your website within 3-5 seconds and they can’t find that what exactly they were looking on your website or it may be also due to not user-friendly website.

So, without wasting time let me tell you the ways by which you can easily reduce your website’s bounce rate.

Let’s Start…

Here Are The 5 Ways By Which You Can Easily Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate In 2018 :

  1. Reconsider Your Website Navigation

Let me tell you that bounce rate will happen when a visitor will come to your website and also leave your website at the same time before clicking on another page. This is happening because they will be consumed the content they came for and also decided to leave because of they didn’t the exact thing for which they are looking for on your website.

So, the question here is that how do you engage the visitors beyond their first-page view?

You have to start by laying out your homepage and the navigation within the visitor’s mind. You have to make the best use of your space and also balance the white space with an educational but simply by copy. You have to use the images to help and convey your particular point or product and also use the large call-to-actions.

The navigation should be direct and the simple [ you don’t have to go in deep of the navigation – go broad and wide and then see if your site is diverse enough ]. The main goal here is to create an environment which is clearly navigable to lead your visitors in the right direction.

  1. Stop Using Popups

Let me tell you that in the year 2013, around 70% of the peoples will go through the irrelevant popups which seemed annoying. But on the other hand, the popups also have a proven on some sites to drastically increase the conversions and also signups to your lists. Keep in mind this thing that if it does annoy peoples the popups could also increase your bounce rate. So, you have to use them cautiously.

If you are also going to use the popups then we will recommend you to set a timer on it so that it doesn’t hit the person immediately after they will visit your website, and also perhaps they will disable it from your homepage altogether.

  1. Up  To Date Content [ Fresh Content ]

By keeping your content up to date will be crucial when it will come to reduce your website bounce rate as nobody wants to read an article that is 5 or 10 years old. We were living in a modern age and also people want to see an up to date information, so it would be better if you keep it fresh!

And if you take some time to update the content on the website with the useful and the relevant information then add your ” updated on ” date so that peoples will know that you have spent some time into the improving of your website content. If you will spend some time in improving content and blogs posts and this will also help you in reducing of your website bounce rate by letting the peoples know that when they first will hit the page so that it was recently updated and also a fresh content. Your content will be like something which can also be referred to as “evergreen content “.

  1. Fixing Of The Broken Links

Fixing of the broken links is also considered as one of the most important parts for both reductions of the website bounce rate and as well as the website performance. For example the Drupal as an expensive 404 errors. On an average site with an average module load, you can also be looking at a 60-100MB of the memory which is being consumed on your server to deliver a 404. As it also pertains to the bounce rate and broken links will also increase the rate at which the visitors will leave your website. Google search console is one of the best and the great tool for the analyzation of the broken links.

Speed time will also fix your broken links so that whenever a visitor will hit your site then they will easily find that what they exactly looking for.

  1. Speed  Up Of Your Website

The speed of your website is also an important factor while factoring into your bounce rate. If your website is at the slow speed and a user might start loading a page on to your website and if they will get tired of waiting then they will also hit back and try the next one. Most likely the Google analytics will have registered a visit as well as a bounce rate since their analytics.js script fired.

One of the easiest ways to speed up of your website is that to implement a content delivery network which is also called as CDN in a short form. A CDN is that will cache the copies of your assets on the edge of the servers around the globe and also deliver them at the lightning of the fast speeds to your users. It really doesn’t matter that how fast the speed of your web host is, they will never ever be able to get past the latency issue when it will come to a physical distance.

Besides implementing a CDN on your website we will also recommend you to g through your website and also be optimized for the best performance.


We hope that this article will help you in reducing the bounce rate for your website so that you can easily grow your business and easily boost your conversions rate. If you like this article then don’t forget to share this article on your social medium profiles.