Exclusive Features Of Rand Mcnally Eld Device

When it comes about innovation in the tracking devices then Rand Mcnally eld devices are considered as the best. It comes with exclusive features which are mainly known because they are customer friendly. In these devices, the data are stored on highly secured clouds. The interfaces are very fast in sending feedback. This feature is useful when a person is retrieving forgotten encryption key. In this digital era, eld devices like this one is a must-have. After using this, customers are also relaxed that this high tech tool is protecting their interests. It is a plain black box which is plugged into a diagnostic port. Variety of devices like tablet, smartphone, etc. could be used for displaying the data of the system.


  1. The device itself, as well as its interface, are very simple to operate. This is the reason that users don’t have to pay for operation tutorial. It mainly focuses on regulatory compliance and innovative tools.
  2. Rand Mcnally eld devices have navigation add-ons along with GPS tracking. This has made the entire system more accessible even from the comfort of the house. Thus, it minimizes the risk to some extent.

3.One of its features has reduced the client’s liabilities and as result, the insurance premium is also reduced in the long term. It could be used in numerous models as it is not limited to any specific vehicle and thus customers have an opportunity of getting multiple fleets.

  1. The device’s extra features enable management to make the fleet profitable by following all the regulatory compliances. Another important feature of Rand Mcnally eld is that it makes use of both paper logs and ELDs. Due to this feature customer have an option of gradual implementation.

5.Over years, it has made improvements in its safety and compliance features. Due to changes made in its safety index, people are preferring it more. Data is easily available on the devices and the system interface are also very friendly. In this era, data is quite relevant and that is the main reason for its popularity.

  1. Rand Mcnally eld devices are also cost-effective as customers have to pay only the initial cost of the devices. When you are accessing these devices then you can have an assurance that you are accomplishing all the DOT requirements.
  2. These devices are very easy to integrate with mobile devices for electronic logging, electronic DVIRs data reporting with EOBRs. It could also be used for in-cab performance among all other features.
  3.  It encompasses back data office system which is mainly compliance management. This feature makes it a must-have device.

Thus, after analyzing all these features it could be said that Rand Mcnally eld provides all relevant data. These data are all those that Government as well as management need for performance in one site. It is very essential especially when one wants to make changes in the data. The faster decision-making processes helped the managers in taking the right decision at right time.