How to Install Cartoon HD for iPhone?

Streaming videos online is a great one that not only prevents you from the headache of sticking to your TV box for viewing your favorite programs or movies. It is, in fact, one of the beautiful solutions where you can quickly see your favorite movies, applications, live shows and much more without having any hesitation. Developers have been developed today some options offering the facility of streaming online videos.

If you have kids at your home or a cartoon lover; Cartoon HD is one of the most excellent sources where you can easily find your favorite stuff without having any difficulty. The app includes a vast library of movies and TV shows where you can easily search for your favorite one. One of the best parts of this beautiful streaming app is that it is not only a cartoon only app, but instead, it includes some other movies as well from different other genera’s.

Cartoon HD offers you the facility of streaming Cartoon HD for iPhone absolutely for free. It is an android application that has enabled you to flow on a smaller box as well. But what to do if you are having an iPhone and not an android device? Disturbed? Just relax; you will go to find a perfect solution for this as well. We are going to discuss here every single aspect of this beautiful process, i.e., from its features to how to download it on iPhone.

Features of Cartoon HD

CartoonHD is one of the most beautiful movie streaming applications available today; that offers you seamless access over the internet. One of the most beautiful apps is that you don’t have to pay anything for streaming your favorite movies here. Some of the fantastic features of this brilliant app are:

  • Absolute free: – CartoonHD is one of the most attractive applications available today that offer you free access over a wide array of movies and TV shows over the internet. You can easily search and stream your favorite one as per your choice just with the help of one click only.
  • Free download: – Along with providing streaming access; it is one of the best platforms that offers you the downloading facility as well.
  • Different genres: – The app includes a vast and well-organized library that consists of a large number of movies and TV programs well arranged in different genera. Just select the option as per your choice and search for your film after that.
  • Offline access: – Cartoon HD for iPhone also offers the facility of accessing offline videos as well. You can easily save the preferred videos and keep them for later user access.
  • Huge library: – The library embedded inside the CartoonHD app is relay very huge. It includes more than 87,000 movies and TV programs there. In short, you are going to get almost every single favorite movie of yours and that too free.
  • User-friendly interface: – Interface is one of the most important things about each app that we need to look forward while going to install it on your iOS device. Cartoon HD for iPhone is a smooth ride that everyone can easily use upon.


How to download Cartoon HD for iOS (Without Jailbreak)?

As we have mentioned you earlier that it is an android app and hence becomes a little bit difficult if you are going to download it on your iOS device. Usually, iOS devices require going through the jailbreak process to install third party applications on it that may harm its security and privacy. Therefore making it much easier for you; we are here with the jailbreak process; follow the step by step procedure given below:

  • Unlock your iOS device by going to the option of Settings > Navigate to General > Select Date & time > Turn off “Set Automatically” > and then change time there.
  • Open up the Safari web browser.
  • Type Cartoon HD for iOS in the search bar and search for it there.
  • Just click on the Download option provided in the dedicated link and wait for the process to get completed.
  • Once done with the downloading process successfully; the file will get automatically installed on your device.
  • Now, change the date to default and then turn the time back again.
  • On the successful completion of the above process; Apple will ask you to allow permission for allowing third-party applications.
  • Locate the installed app; launch it and then tap on the “Trust” option to go further with the process.
  • That’s it. You have all done with the installation process.


Conclusion: – Cartoon HD for iPhone is one of the most beautiful movie streaming applications that is quite efficient for taking your movie streaming experience to the next level. Just go through the features and the installation process of this beautiful application given above and add more into the bucket of your knowledge.